Thursday, July 11, 2013

Boss challenge pictures

Pictures of the Boss challenge. See I tried my best.....Bahut mehnat kiya

Friday, December 5, 2008


Culture @ Blue Sky I really don’t know what Don ( CEO of Blue Sky) was thinking while setting pace for this mad as a bird-house company , but the fact is that its for this same culture that has kept 25 individual giving their all for the company. The Blue Sky bunch is a highly talented bunch who believe in work hard party harder. I shall be spilling the beans on what its means to work at Blue Sky over the next 50 odd lines. To sum our culture in one word I’d call it an uber cool college campus with tons of seriousness about work. Thanks to our CEO-Don who is young at heart and will remain young at heart even when he is 90!!!!! We don’t believe in sugar-coating things. If you’d done a shitty job we’ll let you know about it. If you’ve excelled we’ll keep raving about you. That’s how it works. There are no two ways about it. We abhor yearly appraisal to the core. Since we are such a dynamic organization, the same logic applies to the appraisals as well. I kid you not when I say that People get promoted within their prob period!!! We don’t shy away from rewarding good performance. Transparency and being candid is our mantra. I guess this stems from Don’s love to give a speech at the drop of a hat!!! Ok I am kidding. As a company, we share information, communicate extensively with one-another. No I am not talking corridor-chat or grapevine. No matter how painful or earth-shattering the news is we make it a point to give it to the employees as it is. But what really sets us apart is the element of fun & humor prevalent despite impossible to beat deadlines, fire-fighting situations. Trust me at Blue Sky, what makes a person resilient to the stress-levels is his/her sense of humor. So if you don’t have one work on getting one cz if you plan to join us , you’ll need oodles of it. Lastly remember the AXE EFFECT ad where a guy is running in an island filled with bikini-clad women. Well we are similar to that island minus the guy and the bikinis. Our sex-ratio is highly skewed. WOMEN RULE @ BLUE SKY. Don’t believe me!!!Ask Don.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dear All,
this is the first official post on the BlueSky HR website, i look forward to sharing interesting views on the company, be it in terms of updates or anything that one may find suitable to post. Pls feel free to share your views and opinions on topics that suit ones fancy.